Did You Know? You are twice as likely to reach your goals if you track your progress!


Our exercise guide has over 350 exercises with photos and descriptions. If we don't already have your exercise you can add it yourself in seconds!


Optimized for mobile devices and completely synchronized with your web log so you can always stay up to date.


Find out if your current diet or training routine is effective with beautiful graphic reports.

Overview of FreeWorkoutLog

FreeWorkoutLog is your complete workout solution. It's perfect for tracking weight lifting, running, walking, cycling, and much more. With over 350 exercises to choose from we have something for you. If we don't have your exercise you can add it yourself in seconds.

You get what you inspect not what you expect. Keep up with changes in your body to see if your current weight loss plan or workout is effective. You can run reports to get detailed statistics on your weight loss and view charts on a specific exercise. You can easily track your weight, waist size, body fat, resting heart rate, and much more. Graphic reports let you know what is working and what you need to improve on.

For Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and Mobile Devices. Access your fitness information from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Our software is web based so there is nothing to install on your computer. FreeWorkoutLog is compatible with all major web browsers and any mobile device with a full web browser (such as iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry).

Your data is safe and secure. If your computer crashes from a virus or hardware failure your data is not compromised. We do daily backups of your data, and our servers are secured with 256 bit encryption.

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Why Keep an Online Workout Log?

If you are going to sacrifice your valuable time at the gym or working out at home you should be keeping an online workout log. Think of it as your own free personal trainer.

Your workouts will become much more effective as you will know exactly what exercise you did your last session and how much weight you lifted or the distance you traveled. You can see where you are improving and what areas you need work on with ease. Keep yourself motivated and accountable, or bust through that plateau.

Take it with you anywhere there is an Internet connection. Take your fitness to the next level today!

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