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Bent Arm Pullover

The bent arm pullover targets your chest using an arcing motion.

Bent Arm Pullover - Step 1 Bent Arm Pullover - Step 2


  1. Lie flat on a bench with your head near or over the top of the bench. Hold the bar with a narrow grip so that your thumbs are able to touch. Your palms should be facing your feet.
  2. Start with your elbows at your sides and your elbows bent. Rotate your shoulders so that the bar follows an arc over your head, down towards the floor. In the final position your arms should be next to your head.


  • Keep your back flat against the bench at all times. Your feet should also stay firmly on the ground.
  • Do not go beyond a comfortable range of motion.

Bent Arm Pullover - Muscles Worked

Primary Muscle: Lats
Secondary Muscle: None
Equipment Type: Barbell

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