Neck Exercises

Isometric Neck Exercise - Front and Back

The front and back neck isometric exercises are great for your neck muscles. The primary advantage to a strong neck is that it helps align the rest of your body. Neck exercises are often overlooked by gym goers, so it's important to create awareness around simple neck isometric exercises like these.

Isometric Neck Exercise - Front and Back - Step 1 Isometric Neck Exercise - Front and Back - Step 2


  1. Start by standing or sitting in a neutral position. Place both hands firmly on your forehead. Contract your neck as you slowly start to push against your hands. Make sure that you are pushing your forehead towards your hands and not the other way round. Keep your hands as still as possible in order to create the isometric resistance. Keep your head looking forward at all times.
  2. Next, do the back neck isometric exercise by placing your hands firmly on the back of your head. Your hands should be roughly in line with the top of your ears.


  • Don't let your head move while doing the front and back neck isometric.

Isometric Neck Exercise - Front and Back - Muscles Worked

Primary Muscle: Neck
Secondary Muscle: None
Equipment Type: Body Only

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